Mundo Brew is

as Mundo Brew plays

   Musicians include:

Chris Elwood (songwriter, guitar, vocals, melodica, and all kinds of other stuff)

Brad Wigger (congas, bongos, mandolin, this cool snare/timbale thing, reindeer bells, and other percussion, but absolutely no vocals)

Doug Yeager (flute, flute with no F note–when necessary, old flute, amazing 19th century flute, saxophone, and potential vocals). Check out some of Doug’s original music here  61066_126210070761260_7217755_n

Isabelle Elwood (vocals, more vocals, creative hand signals)

Josephine Elwood (violin, vocals, Scottish brogue)

and when we’re lucky these join us, or we join them:

Jorge Sayago-Gonzalez (guitar, vocals, harmonica, guerro, inspiration)

John McClure (bass, vocals, studio, patience)

Burns Stanfield (trumpet, keyboard, improvisation)

Cláudio Carvalhaes (guitar, vocals, personality)

Kim Cabrera (saxophone, respectability)